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Sell Video

With the rise of online media, video footage has never been so valuable to the press.

If you recorded something notable on camera, like a celebrity with an illegal substance, a violent outbreak or something miraculous, Alert Media can share your footage with the world.

If you own videos like the above or have written permission from the copyright holder, Alert Media can broker deals to sell your photographs to international media outlets.


How can you work with Alert Media to sell your video(s)?

1. Tell Alert Media about your video using the form below. 

Contact us and send us your video using the online form below. Alert Media will then be able to tell you instantly if it would be of interest to the press and, if so, a guideline of how much money you could expect.

Alert Media would never share or sell your videos with out your permission.

2. Media syndication.

If you are happy to proceed, Alert Media will watermark your video and syndicate it to the media. We will then negotiate with these parties on your behalf and keep you fully informed of the fees and publications being discussed throughout the process.

3. Payment

Once the deal is agreed and your pictures have been published in the media, Alert Media will typically receive payment within 6 weeks and then transfer the funds to you minus our commission. We do not charge any fees upfront.