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Sell A Story

If you want to sell a story, Alert Media can help.

Whether you want to apply pressure to an organisation, name and shame a celebrity, share a real life story or launch yourself into the media with a kiss-and-tell, Alert Media will broker the best deal for your needs.

With extensive contacts in print publishing, online news and television, Alert Media are one of the UK’s most successful story sellers and can help get your message heard.

If you would like to remain confidential as a source, working with Alert Media is one of the only ways that you can sell your story and have complete peace of mind.

Alert Media have a strict confidentiality policy that is applied to all stories sold. We never disclose our clients to media publications, unless the client wishes to feature in the coverage, and it is our name that journalists will list on internal records as the source.

How can you work with Alert Media to sell your story?

1. Tell Alert Media about your story using the form below. 

We will be able to tell you instantly if it is something of interest to the media and a guideline of how your story is worth.

2. Story development. 

Alert Media will then work with you to develop your story further and obtain all necessary evidence, if necessary, such that the story can be legally published by media outlets.

3. Media brokering.

Alert Media will then liaise with our contacts in the media to find the best possible deal for you. Whether you are looking for the highest fee, maximum exposure or article sensitivity, Alert Media will put your needs first and seek your approval before finalising any deal.

4. Payment

Once the deal is agreed and the story has been published in the media, Alert Media will typically receive payment within 6 weeks and then transfer the funds to you minus our commission. We do not charge any fees upfront.